We believe in holistic education

Fine Arts


School has been known to excel in this area. Best students from other school want to join CPS to learn from our arts teachers. 

Students have gone on to pursue a career in this area. 

Performing Arts


Annual Function is the perfect opportunity to showcase your talent. There is a music competition also held during the course of the year. 

Lastly, we also have competitions based on Pictionary and Dumb Charades to encourage creativity and communication skills amongst all students. 

The Annual function in particular ensures participation from most of the students in the school and the intent to have "No Child Left Behind".  



CPS encourages participation in physical actiivties on a regular basis. Kids are encouraged to participate in local, regional and national tournaments and competitions. Adequate coaching and guidance is provided by the School. After the normal Schools hours a Cricket Academy has been established by the School. 

In addition to the School Playgrounds, the Schools has also taken ownership of the nearby Park in the Community to be used as a playing facility. 

The School intends to maintin focus in this critical area for overall developments of students.



School encourages public speaking and display of histrionics in theater setting. We encourage multiple performances in street plays 

The school attaches special attention in this area and the teachers are trained an intend to showcase our abilities in annual functions and public performances

Assembly and Prayers


School has daily assembly with focus on dissemination of news, sharing of inspiring stories, which will inculcate strong character and lastly a small dose of prayers to instill humility and sense of purpose.  



State of the art education is provided through the use of projector, screens and white board. 

Content of Khan Academy and BYJUS is used for different grades.